About Me

I first discovered coding when I watched a show called Mr. Robot. When I researched how to get into coding, I found out that it was not just for cyber security. I learned there was coding for creating websites. Upon discovery of this fact, I knew I wanted to work with something that I could immediately be proud of. Something that I created, which people can see. After teaching myself how to play the guitar and piano, I knew first-hand just how satisfying it is to teach yourself something and be able to exercise that skill. I applied the same logic to coding, and I found that it was incredibly satisfying to be able to create things that I am proud of.

Patrick Castro Photography

A photography website including multiple pages, grid layout in tandem with flexbox, built with HTML, CSS, JS, SASS, JQuery, and TweenMax. Media queries were added to allow for responsiveness, and thus be mobile-friendly!

Muse Finder

Music recommendation app that takes one's favorite artist and gives back similar artists along with their top song and top album. Developed with Vanilla JavaScript using Fetch API's to obtain and retrieve data. Stylized and made responsive with HTML and CSS.

Cinema Hunter

A film searching app that brings back details of movies that you've seen or want to see. Developed with ReactJS using Axios to fetch data from OMDB API. Also mobile-friendly responsiveness with Styled Components.

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